19. Back in the Flesh

“Your Majesty,” Merlin said as he walked into the great hall of Camelot. “Merv, my churl!” King Arthur greeted the enchanter. “You’re back! What news have you for me from the east?” “Your Majesty,” Merlin greeted as he knelt. “It’s bad out there. Avoid the east at all costs. The Saxons are dropping like flies.… Continue reading 19. Back in the Flesh

18. Front

“Is everything alright?” the psychopomp asked. Merlin howled. “It’s not fair!” he cried out. “It’s just not fair!” “It never is, my lord,” the psychopomp replied. Merlin dabbed at his non-existent tears. “Hey,” Merlin called out to the psychopomp. “Would you mind if I did the honours?” “All the ritual preparations are complete,” she replied.… Continue reading 18. Front

17. A Reason

“What manner of foul sorcery is this?” Lady Viviane asked in horror. The back of her head rested upon a silken bag. The rest of her body laid motionless in the docked floating boat grave before her, bobbing up and down on the rushing currents, held from speeding off by only a single line of… Continue reading 17. A Reason