24. Ketchup

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23. Sweet Sap

As Sir Balin continued north on the highway on foot, he was soon caught up to by Sir Lanceor and his maiden, Lady Colombe. They were seated upon the same horse. “Halt, criminal!” Sir Lanceor shouted at Sir Balin’s back. Sir Balin sighed, then turned about to face the both of them. Behind them, Sir Lanceor’s… Continue reading 23. Sweet Sap

22. Heady

Lady Viviane’s head floated about the great hall of the castle as Merlin rocked backwards in his oak chair and sipped wine out of a crystal glass. “So, I think I’ve figured out who you are,” Lady Viviane said. “Go for it,” Merlin replied. “Humour me.” “You’re the second coming of Jesus, our lord and… Continue reading 22. Heady

21. Lies and Deceit

Sir Lanceor and his lady, Lady Colombe continued down the path toward King Rience’s castle, following Sir Balin’s tracks. Sir Lanceor’s halfling attendant, Truonq, trailed behind so as to afford the couple some privacy. He grumbled to himself softly behind the knight and the lady as they flirted with one another, giggling playfully as they rode… Continue reading 21. Lies and Deceit

20. Words of Persuasion

“What can we do, o’ great Merlin!” Sir Robyn asked in a panic. “Wash yourselves often,” Merlin said. “In the rivers. And tell the peasants to do so too. And not just their bodies but their bedding and clothes as well. Often. I can’t stress that enough. Oh, and burn anything flea-infested.” Merlin turned to… Continue reading 20. Words of Persuasion