2. The Pull

“This is not going to do,” Balin said to himself as he stared at the pipe in his hand. He replaced it in his pocket, and slammed the panel door shut. “What am I to do?” he murmured to himself with folded arms. He pondered on the spot. ‘Maybe they’re still back there where I left… Continue reading 2. The Pull

3. Push Off

Lady Viviane was still leaning upon the hilt of the Excalibur. Balin reached out a hand to the Lady, presumably as an offer to help her down. “I’ll need some room to try,” he said pleasantly. “Okay,” she replied. She stepped aside, hopped down from the boulder and rolled a short distance upon the soft… Continue reading 3. Push Off

1. On Parts

A young man walked north from Camelot towards the lands which held Merlin’s machines. His name was Balin, and he carried with him a fine set of magical tools—loaned out to the young man from Camelot’s workshop—hanging from his belt, as well as several parts of different sizes and shapes in his many pockets. The… Continue reading 1. On Parts

4. Mother Knows Best

Balin’s mother, Catalina, stood before a wooden pail filled with water and beside a tall stack of glazed clay dishes. In the reflection of the water, the image of a willowy woman with dark sable skin shimmered upon its sparkling surface. A young man appeared at the doorway. It was her son Balin. “Where’s Balan?”… Continue reading 4. Mother Knows Best

5. Change of Hands

“Where are you going?” Sir Balan said to his brother, who was found walking in the opposite direction of their home. “Mother is insane,” Balin huffed as he kept right on walking. “She can be from time to time,” Sir Balan admitted. “Are you alright? You left real suddenly just now.” Balin stopped in his… Continue reading 5. Change of Hands

6. Distress

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7. Allure

Sir Balan returned home, hot and sweaty from the journey back. “Mother,” he called out as he entered. “I’ve returned.” Catalina was sitting at a window by a tall stack of clean dishes. “Welcome home, son,” she replied. “Look, how you’ve dirtied yourself.” “Yes,” Sir Balan replied as he changed into cleaner clothing. “I was… Continue reading 7. Allure

8. Puff Puff

Sir Balan and the Damsel hadn’t walked a very long distance upon the highway to Camelot before the Damsel revealed a metal horn low on her hip. “Thirsty, sir knight?” she asked Sir Balan as she unhitched the horn from her belt and brandished it. “They brew some mighty strong stuff in Dál Riata, I’m… Continue reading 8. Puff Puff

9. Draw Straws

Sir Lanceor pulled with all his might—and for quite some time—before relenting. He held the sword out towards Sir Percival. “Here, Sir Percival,” he said. “I am clearly not pure enough a man! Perhaps you will have better luck!” This brought out loud guffaws and cackles from King Arthur’s court. With a huff and a… Continue reading 9. Draw Straws

10. Rightful Owner

Balin arrived at Lady Viviane’s house after a long and hurried run. He was excited to show off his new sword to her. He ran past her house to the woods behind, and then found the Lady of the Lake taming a wild squirrel with magic. “Lady Viviane,” Balin said to the Lady as he… Continue reading 10. Rightful Owner