11. Blood Feud

The Damsel huffed and puffed at a tavern called the Solsbury Shoe. “Stupid Balin,” the Damsel uttered, drunk and infuriated. “Without Tyrfing, I cannot complete my plan.” “Balin?” a voice said before her. She looked up to find a bartender wiping the inside of a flagon with a dirty rag. “Yes,” she said, huffing a… Continue reading 11. Blood Feud

12. Consumed

Lord Bradán awoke to find herself atop a circular stone disc inscribed with floral patterns and stick figures. Magical winds encircled him, roiling with heat and whipping about quickly enough to set the air alight with small licks of fire. He looked ahead of her to find Catalina with her arms raised and her eyes… Continue reading 12. Consumed

13. High Stakes

Sir Percival, Sir Lanceor, and Sir Ulfius brought Catalina before the king in the great hall of Camelot. Then, they sent for Lady Viviane, who accused her of murdering Lord Bradán. King Arthur attempted to defend Catalina by stating that there was a lack of evidence. “Where’s the body of Lord Bradán?” the king asked Lady Viviane. “It… Continue reading 13. High Stakes

14. Bloodlust

A heavily armored knight cried out to a robed man, who was staring at the ashes and darkened, smoky ground in front of their home that marked where their home once stood. Where his father, Lord Bradán, once stood. “I will avenge you father,” Sir Craig Bradán declared. “I swear by the grace of God will… Continue reading 14. Bloodlust

15. Crossed

“No!” Sir Balan cried out in horror, staring at the head of the Lady of the Lake on the stone floor of Camelot. King Arthur—shocked at such graphic violence occurring in his court before him—drew his sword, prompting the knights around him to draw theirs as well. “Why have you done this?” King Arthur bellowed with… Continue reading 15. Crossed

17. A Reason

“What manner of foul sorcery is this?” Lady Viviane asked in horror. The back of her head rested upon a silken bag. The rest of her body laid motionless in the docked floating boat grave before her, bobbing up and down on the rushing currents, held from speeding off by only a single line of… Continue reading 17. A Reason

18. Front

“Is everything alright?” the psychopomp asked. Merlin howled. “It’s not fair!” he cried out. “It’s just not fair!” “It never is, my lord,” the psychopomp replied. Merlin dabbed at his non-existent tears. “Hey,” Merlin called out to the psychopomp. “Would you mind if I did the honours?” “All the ritual preparations are complete,” she replied.… Continue reading 18. Front