King Arthur Family Tree Diagram

Here’s a family tree I put together of King Arthur’s relatives.

It includes some other important characters of the Arthurian legend as well, such as Merlin, Sir Balin, the Fisher King, and the Lady of the Lady.


Changelog for v1.1:

– Fixed Gingalin’s lineage, added Dame Ragnelle as his mother

– Added Garlon as brother of Pellam

– Added one of Pellinore’s daughter’s Alyne

– Added Bleoberis and Blamore as godsons of King Bors

Changelog for v1.2:

– Added Sir Morien

– Added Clarissant, daughter of Pellinore

Changelog for v1.3:

– Formatting and spacing

– Added missing Marriage icons

– Remove ‘In Love’ icon from legend because who I am to say who is truly in love

Changelog for v1.4:

– Added titles for Queens, not sure why they were missing. I have re-examine my own biases…

Changelog for v1.5:

– Rearrangement and tightened up the negative spaces

Changelog for v1.6:

– Added King Cador’s line under Duke Gorlois, and Constantine the inheritor of Logres after Camlann

Changelog for v1.7:

– Fixed lineage lines for Sir Aglovale

Changelog for v1.8:

– Added Yvain’s spouse and potential child

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